Guidance for Councils

Guidance for Councils

LGfL and VMB recognise that Covid-19 will place extraordinary pressure on Local Authorities, schools and other public bodies. John Bagley is coordinating the response for Local Authorities on behalf of LGfL.

In the light of the current outbreak, and to meet remote-access needs, VMB and LGfL are able to offer FREE upgrades to all council sites within the capacity of your existing circuits and equipment. At this stage, we have assumed this will need to be in place until June 2020, but this will be kept under review.

If you do not currently receive your internet service from LGfL and would like us to provide it for you on a temporary basis, we are able to do so under the same terms as above. I would be grateful if you could ensure that your Emergency Planning Leads are aware if you take this step.

For more information regarding these upgrades, please contact

Additional information and guidance about Covid-19 for Local Government can be found on the LGA website at