What is j2e?

The j2e Tool Suite is an award-winning collection of online educational tools specifically designed to engage, motivate and inspire; j2e is an online, fun, creative environment.

Text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, and embedded objects can be combined on a single web page, with unlimited storage for files and the ability to blog at the click of a button.

Further information is available at www.j2einfo.lgfl.net and also at the j2e LGfL TV channel here.

Also read the recently published Guest Blog from j2e.

How can I use it to support home learning?

With j2e teachers can provide resources, worksheets and activities for any class or group, with an area for teachers to see pupil work. Pupils can write, draw, animate, count, practice times tables and spellings, learn to code and much more.

J2e has produced a distance learning guide which can be viewed here and a pdf document here: https://just2easy.com/pdfs/just2easy-school-closure-pack.pdf

Distance Teaching and Learning With j2e

Creating and Sharing Work with Pupils

How can a pupil in an LGfL school access this resource?

The best way to access the j2e platform is via the LGfL USO log in. The reason for this is that integration with class list data means that pupils' work within the j2e platform is automatically viewable by their teacher. It will also be possible for a teacher to manage the pupils work, set assignments, review and annotate work in a seamless online experience.

How can I get a USO account to access the j2e Platform?

If a school has not set this up but would like to for pupils, then click here for guidance.

Accessing J2e without LGfL sign in details?

If it is not possible to implement the LGfL USO during school closure, j2e have launched a service to still access j2e by just using your school postcode. This alternative approach has been developed exclusively for LGfL school pupils and allows individuals to create their own J2e account. Anything that’s produced by teachers or pupils using this temporary system will be transferred to a standard school J2e site when normal school resumes.

The method of ‘self-provisioning’ can be found here.