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LGfL Technical Service Changes

  • A few urgent changes are being made to the way LGfL services work – most are in place now and others will be very soon – to help schools and simplify access to resources:

  • Headteachers can now download USO account details without being a Nominated contact.

  • Freedom2Roam is enabled now for all schools by default

  • Category 2 sites, formerly blocked by the firewalls, are now being moved into category 1 and will not be blocked

  • IP authentication has been removed across all sites and a request has been made to remove this from the support site as well as soon as possible

  • The Pledge 2020 programme has been completed all that remains is around 60 schools unable to complete their upgrades during 2020 that will be completed this year.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact:

Richard Martin for technical queries or

Richard Hannah regarding Pledge 2020 upgrades

Pledge2020 versus Coronavirus

The Pledge2020 Programme is a multifaceted upgrade of Schools bandwidth and the infrastructure that supports the provision of the bandwidth. By upgrading over 2,500 schools by doubling their bandwidth and increasing security LGfL has already made a significant contribution to remote schooling and facilitating access to online tools. other tools. For more information about Pledge2020 or Programmes that will support during this continuing health crisis please contact the Programme lead:

Setting Up Freedom to Roam

In the event of school closure, LGfL schools can use the new Remote Access platform, Freedom2Roam, to access their onsite internal network.

If your users are currently using RAv3, their settings have been copied over to the new platform, Freedom2Roam, so they can start using it now without any further configuration changes via the following links:

LGfL Customers (schools inside London) –

NGfL Customers (formerly Trustnet schools) –

The new solution can be used from a browser, removing the need to install remote access clients on users’ devices. This means you will be able gain access straight away, as long as you have an existing RAv3 account.

If your establishment would like to start using the new solution, you will need to configure your Freedom2Roam settings here. You will find step by step guides and videos to help you configure Freedom2Roam for your establishment on the Support Site here.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via the LGfL Support Site or by phone on 020 8255 5555 and select option 3.

Freedom2Roam - configuring school settings


Freedom2Roam - Logging into the Website

Connect to a Specific Machine Using Freedom2Roam