RZL Home Learning

What is RZL Home Learning?

ReadingZone Live Home Learning is the first in a range of new resources aimed at supporting home learning by giving simple and fun activities that children at home can complete.

ReadingZone Live is a development of the existing partnership between LGfL and ReadingZone.com and brings regular interviews and live video conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to LGfL schools. The aim of ReadingZone Live Home Learning is simple, engaging lesson ideas powered by the fantastic video interviews on RZL, with five videos linked to five tasks for students to complete. (The resources are non-Key Stage specific and can be completed by any primary school student (with support for younger students).

Simply click the images below to visit each individual project.

Oliver Jeffers

  • Task 1: Simplify a story in the least amount of pictures/symbols/emojis that you can.

  • Task 2: Create a story from an illustration

  • Task 3: Remix a storybook by changing the text or illustrations.

  • Task 4: Explore the 7 genres of storytelling and see if you can think of an example for each genre.

  • Task 5: Write a letter explaining a concept/object to an alien.

Lauren Child

  • Task 1: Can you create an illustration for a book you already own or know take a piece of text and illustrate it?

  • Task 2: 12 Page challenge can you tell a story using only 12 pages with only 5 words per page.

  • Task 3: Can you make your own alphabet code using objects from around your house?

  • Task 4: Can you go on a book Scavenger hunt?

  • Task 5: Can you redraw a story but in an abstract why, give it to someone else can they understand the story?

Henry Winkler

  • Task 1: Can you act a story for someone?

  • Task 2: Can write a story about overcoming a learning challenge.

  • Task 3: Writing challenge every day take just 5 minutes to write a story.

  • Task 4: Design your own book cover and blurb

  • Task 5: Can design a poster showcasing how great you are?

Alex T Smith

  • Task 1: Draw something in the style of an illustrator you admire.

  • Task 2: Make a drawing diary so, draw a picture of an object every day for a week.

  • Task 3: Read a scene from a book paint or draw how the scene makes you feel.

  • Task 4: Think of an everyday activity how could you make it exciting or make up silly problems and write a story!

  • Task 5: Can you give an inanimate object personality?