A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

"Every day, more and more educators are being asked to teach from home. But you're not alone.” Dean Stokes, Google for Education

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How LGfL and Google are helping in response to COVID-19:     

  • Unlimited CloudReady bundles for LGfL and NGfL schools: ​To ensure that your  students have access to devices to be able to continue learning from home, we will be raising  the limit of ​CloudReady bundles​ your school can claim until July. This will enable you to dust  off old machines from your school and community, to enable greater access to cloud based  services such as G Suite and O365.  

  • Easy provisioning of G Suite: ​LGfL can provision your free G Suite account for your school  so that you have instant access to cloud based services such as Classroom and Google  Drive, which will allow you to teach online. You should contact support.lgfl.net to activate  this.  

  • Free training on distance learning for core subjects:​ LGfL and Google​ ​have created a  number of free online based training throughout this month, to help you prepare for distance  and online learning. You sign up for these ​here​.  

  • Made premium Meet features available to schools:​ ​Google recently announced​ the  previously paid-for features of ​Hangouts Meet​ will now be free for schools to use until July.  You can have up to 250 people in a call together, record meetings, and livestream content  for up to 100,000 people within the domain.  

  • Distance Learning resources: ​Google have recently created​ ​a distance learning resource  hub​, and kicked off a​ ​series of blog posts​ as well as a​ ​webinar​ on distance learning. We are  collecting​ and sharing tips and best practices through their Teacher Center and social  channels including​ ​Twitter​ and​ ​Facebook​.  

  • Providing a guide on how to send school Chromebooks home for distance learning: ​As  school admins prepare contingency plans, Google are sharing how they can ​quickly and  securely​ prepare their school's Chromebooks to go home with students, with a new Help  Center article on ​how to prepare Chromebooks for e-learning days at home. 

  • YouTube Learning Hub: ​In partnership with education-focused content creators on  YouTube Google have also launched the ​Learning Hub​ which is in the process of expanding  and localising as a destination for safe, curriculum-relevant learning content.