LGfL for Parents

LGfL provides broadband to many schools and also access to online learning resources. It may be that your child recognises the online tools and learning resources form using them at school, but for others, they may be unfamiliar. You can access our resources for home learning during school closures via, which is organised according to Key Stage to help you find resources suitable for your child.

Parents of pupils who often use LGfL learning resources at home will know that you normally need a USO login. However, to help maintain meaningful education at home for families at our schools, we have made the majority of our resources open access (you no longer need to log in). Please note that although access has changed, licence terms have not. provides further ideas for activities you can complete with your child (including some which do not need a device or screen).

Children will inevitably be spending more time online and on devices over the coming months, so why not download our DigiSafe Daily worksheet every day to help them stay safe and give them questions, top tips and reminders about the Digital Five A Day. And remember to share our new guide for parents: Top Tips for Keeping Primary Children Safe Online During School Closures .

If you have ideas or suggestions on how else we can help parents during these uncertain times, do get in touch via