Remote Access for Staff

Freedom To Roam

During school closure, LGfL schools can use the new Remote Access platform Freedom2Roam to access their onsite internal network. This will enable staff to remotely log onto their school computer to access documents and other resources usually available to them while on the school network.

Schools who are already using remote access:

If your staff have been using the previous remote access platform, RAv3, their settings have been copied over to Freedom2Roam. Users can start using the new platform now without any further configuration changes via the following links:

LGfL customers (schools inside London) –

NGfL customers (formerly Trustnet schools) –

Staff will need to know their USO logins in order to access this platform. This is something that school nominated contact(s) or school technical support staff can assist with if your staff do not know their details.

If your school is not currently using remote access, there is some setup and configuration for your technical support staff to carry out. Please share the following link with them for detail information, videos and documentation about the process:

A great feature of the new platform is that it can be accessed through a web browser (negating the need for staff to install new software on home computers).

If you have any questions, please contact the LGfL support team at or 020 8255 5555 (option 3).